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Why Do So Many Muslims Act Like Barbarians?

by John Hartung

Barbarism is not in the Koran. We, the sophisticated barbarians, have driven them to barbarity.

Making Palestinians pay for what Germans did to Jews during World War II has been a preoccupation of Judeo-Christian nations since 1947, when Harry Truman and 26 US Senators sent telegrams to every potentially persuadable leader of every war-ravaged country. The message was clear: help rebuilding your economy will be more forthcoming if you vote in favor of the UN General Assembly plan to partition Palestine into a Jewish area comprising 56% of Palestine for 650,000 Jews with 44% of the land left for 1,300,000 Arabs.

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John Hartung is a Professor of Anesthesiology at the State University of New York. He served as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology from 1989 through 2017

His Ph.D. is in anthropology from Harvard. About half of Dr. Hartung's publications are in social science, with the rest in medicine (Curriculum Vitae).

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